FIFA Guide – New Character of the FIFA Mobile

On the Game show in Cologne, EA Sports for the first time released the FIFA mobile, which was the latest news of the mobile version of the FIFA we commonly say. The new FIFA mobile will still be made around the Ultimate Team mode, and the game will be redesigned and add a lot of new features. Before we check out where to buy fifa coins, let’s look at the new features about FIFA Mobile in the following.


The new Attack Mode will offer you the branded new and exciting experience, and the game mode will adopt the turn-based system, of which you can fight with the players asynchronously around the world, and every match will be finished within 75 seconds.


fifa coins online
fifa coins online

The new version FIFA will also add the daily challenging mode, in this mode you can also read some latest global news about soccer or the small games generated by the soccer game, and you can get the corresponding game coins when you complete the game, which can be used to buy players card package. Fifa coins review will leave you an unforgettable game.


The social league is also the new game mode added in this new FIFA version, and this mode allows you to add friends or other teammates in the world to get the ultimate honor. During the period of winning the champion you can complete the corresponding achievements. And the game time is also 75 seconds the same as that of Attack Mode. Fifacoinszone is a great choice for you to experience the new version FIFA.


The new version FIFA Mobile still maintain the Season Online mode, and every match will be completed within 5-6 minutes. The game will adopt a kind of new method to let the players to build a more powerful club squad, and the players will have progress more easily, and the team management experience on the pitch will be better. Mobile FIFA will include more than 30 leagues, 650 teams and 17000 players.